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Terms & Conditions

Our really basic, small label, Terms & Conditions:

  1. Please make sure that your shipping addresses are updated, as we aim to ship products the day after purchase (if they're not sent the same day)
  2. If no queries or issues have been raised within the 30 days of an item being dispatched, items will not be refunded
  3. To prevent any unwanted surprises, each record has been checked before sending out. We only send records which meet our standards of quality
  4. In the rare occasion that you've had issues with our products bought from other stores, please contact the retailer as we won't be able to help any further
  5. Although we're pretty on top of our communications, we are normal hard-working people like you guys. Please allow us sometime to get back to you with any queries you have
  6. If, by any chance, you are a really shouty person, please try and refrain from shouting at us UNTIL you've checked that you've missed a parcel first. We don't want you to pick up your parcel after doing this, realising you were wrong, and then send us a really awkward apology email explaining how you've made a really bad mistake and look forward to the next release

Either way, we're all human. Hope you enjoy the records.